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2021-09-25  Västerfärnebo church.

2021-08-02  An old shed door.

2021-06-29  Stockholm changes. New page 7 and som new pictures on page 3.

2021-05-29  Stockholm changes. All pages 1-6 are updated.

2021-04-26  New page 4 in Stockholm changes, and some new photos on other pages.

2021-04-09  Stockholm changes.

2021-03-08  Mix of Stockholm photos.

2021-02-06  There are many signs to deal with, when taking a walk.

2021-01-05  Mix of Stockholm photos.

2020-12-09  Mix of Stockholm photos.

2020-11-05  Autumn once again.

2020-10-13  Reconstruction of the Slussen area in Stockholm.