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2019-11-08  Autumn once again.

2019-10-06  Sofia Church in Stockholm.

2019-09-02  The Midnight Run in Stockholm

2019-08-01  More miscellaneous photos.

2019-07-05  Miscellaneous photos.

2019-05-24  Parts of cars.

2019-04-15  Drottningholm Palace Theatre.

2017-12-31  My site is not closed but I have not updated due to lack of time. I made an archaeological excavation i my computer and found some old black and white photos.

2015-03-16  The Slussen area in Stockholm

2015-02-11  Scottish manhole covers and iron lids.

2014-03-17  Misty photos from Stockholm.

2013-04-07  Manhole covers and iron lids from Germany.

2013-02-01  The Stockholm midnight run, August 2012.

2013-01-01  Stockholm slaughter house / meat packing district.

2011-12-14  Miscellaneous photos.

2011-10-18 Manhole covers and iron lids from USA.

2011-09-02  New York.

2011-03-05  Manhole covers and iron lids from Iceland.

2011-02-05  Sailing, but no wind.

2010-09-29  Even more Iceland photos.

2010-09-29  More Iceland photos.

2010-09-14  A few photos from Iceland

2010-03-07  New portfolio, Fragments

2010-01-04  Miscellaneous photos.

2009-11-07  Stone faces.

2009-10-27  Pieces of Gotland 1 2 3 4 5 6

2009-08-20  The Slussen area in Stockholm.

2009-03-23  A foggy day at The Forest Cemetry (Skogskyrkogården) in Stockholm.

2009-02-07  Miscellaneous photos.

2008-11-14  Danish manhole covers and iron lids.

2008-11-03  Autumn once again.

2008-08-17  Manhole covers and iron lids from streets and other places in different cities.

2008-07-02  Miscellaneous photos.

2008-03-16  Miscellaneous photos.

2008-01-19  Miscellaneous photos connected to railway.

2007-12-28  A closed lime works.

2007-10-21  Last update with photos from Amorgos.

2007-10-15  More from Amorgos.

2007-10-07  Photos from the beautiful Greek island Amorgos.

2007-08-29  The Midnight Run in Stockholm

2007-08-16  Tall ships race visiting Stockholm.

2007-03-24  Stockholm, miscellaneous.

2007-03-02  Stockholm,  architecture.

2007-02-03  Stockholm, city life.

2007-01-13  Miscellaneous.

2006-11-01  A few gables from Longyearbyen.

2006-10-20  Svalbard.

2006-07-27  A few photos from Svalbard, more will come.

2006-05-25  Stockholm photos, mixed and architecture.

2006-04-22  New gallery with miscellaneous photos.

2006-03-22  A few shots from a nice trip in the Stockholm archipelago.

2006-02-11  New gallery where I will show how Stockholm is changing.

2006-01-07  Ice skating in the centre of Stockholm.

2005-11-26  The statue of the Swedish King Gustav III temporarily removed.

2005-11-07  All Saints' Day at The Forest Cemetry in Stockholm.

2005-10-24  Autumn photos.

2005-05-21  Old National Archives.

2005-05-01  Old National Archives.

2005-02-16  New portfolio showing photos from the island of Gotland.

2004-12-30  More photos from Slussen.

2004-12-10  A few more photos from Slussen.

2004-11-17  Photos from the Slussen area in Stockholm.

2004-10-31  Some more gables from the summer that just has passed.

2004-10-10  A few Stockholm photos.

2004-03-20  Stockholm City life and Architecture.

2004-01-26  Scrapyard photos from 1980.

2003-12-06  Where you find this ikon it is possible to send a postcard, just click in it. Gradually it will be possible from all pages.

2003-10-19  New webb hotel with more space. So now I can do the last update from my sailing trip

2003-06-01  Some more photos from my sailing trip.

2003-05-04  More photos from my sailing trip.

2003-04-08  Photos from the first month on board R/S Astrid Finne

2002-12-30  A few photos from my trip on board R/S Astrid Finne.

2002-11-08  First photos from my summer trip, showing a cemetry in La Coruña, Spain.

2002-09-16  Just some corrections.

2002-07-08  Home again after a tree month trip in Europe. Hope to show some photos here in a not so remote future. The news this time are more photos showing  Stockholm City life.

2002-02-02  More photos, Stockholm City life.

2002-01-20  More photos, Stockholm Architecture.

2001-11-03  More photos from the Old National Archives.

2001-09-14  New portfolio showing photos from the railway between Myrdal and Flåm in Norway.

2001-07-28  Doors from the old factory area around Motala Ström in Norrköping.

2001-05-01  Two new portfolios. Home Guard training and Västerbron, which means The Western Bridge.

2001-05-01  New page, Portfolios.

2001-04-01  New layout,  Index.

2001-03-27  New photos, Stockholm Mixed.

2001-03-17  New photos, Stockholm City life.

2001-03-03  Just some corrections.

2001-02-16  New photos, Ships and Sea.

2001-02-08  New photos, Old National Archives.

2001-02-08  This page.