Welcome to my  photo site. Here I am showing a selection of my photos. My intention is to update frequently with new photos, but of course, it is a matter of time. This site is made for the screen setting 1024 x 768.

I am born in Stockholm, where I still live in a southern suburb.

Below you can see my first photo, I took it when I was only some years old and was carried by my father. At that time I happened to find a funny button, which I pushed.

This is the result. Not so bad.....or?

I remember the fascination when I, as a child, was with my father in the darkroom and in the dim light saw the pictures develop. Guess that was when, what today is my interest in photography, began growing. 

My choice of subjects are quite wide. I photograph almost anything, but when I make my pictures it is mostly from an esthetic point of view.

I also collect special themes, for example, Stockholm environments which are going to be changed, lamp posts, doors and bridges, maybe I will do something with it when I have got enough to choose from.....and inspiration

I am also a member of the Image Group Caxa, we are working with different photo projects and exhibitions. Our photos are among other things decorating a wall in the sports hall in Farsta, Stockholm, where we have been showing different exhibitions since 1997.